Olympic Flames

by The Battling Frogs

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A song about music.
It's going on the album.


I woke up after the party,
The air all stale and foul.
I knew I had to get up,
I honestly didn't know how.
You woke up right there next to me,
Your voice all cracked and chilled.
We drank down gallons of orange juice
'till the aching in our heads lay still.

Then you lit up the music on your phone
And if gave off such a light.
The chords rang out like magnesium
And drove away the night.
How could something so tiny
Do things to my soul?
I knew I had to figure out
How music made me whole.


SO! We went down to Brighton,
Booked the tickets months in advance.
I knew I had to see them
Whenever I got the chance.
We finally got to the venue,
Looked right up at the stage.
My poor young heart was thumping
Like a beast inside a cage.

All stood there together,
All there for the same thing,
The whole world stopped to listen,
As they prepared to sing.

Like and old friend, who'd never let you down,
Like coming back, after weeks away from your home town.

And everybody sang along, not one voice quite the same.
We lit the tapers of our souls and thrust them to the heavens,
Like Olympic Flames!

*Rocking Out*


released October 7, 2011
Everything you hear by Jamie Lucock



all rights reserved


The Battling Frogs Hampshire, UK

Songwriter, philosopher, worrier, friend, lover, genderpunk, worrier. Likes cheese far too much.

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